Nordisk Film Cinemas

From the Big to the Pocket Screen

Nordisk Film cinema is one of the largest cinema chains in te Nordics, and needed a new app to help users find movies and cinemas, purchase tickets, and access the cinema chain’s customer universe.

  • RoleUX · UI · Prototyping
  • Year2014
  • EmployerPropeople/FFW
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The Project

Nordisk Film Cinema is one of the largest cinema chains in Scandinavia, and is the oldest continuously active film company in the world. The Denmark-based cinema chain aims to equip all their cinemas with the best and most modern technologies, and wanted to design and develop a new mobile app to ease the online ticket purchasing process and extend their cinematic universe onto their customers' smartphones.

My Role

I worked as UX/UI Lead on the project to design a new mobile app for the company. That included research and user flows, wireframes, UI design and prototyping.

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Mapping Out User Flows

The creative process began by mapping out all the potential users and use cases of the app. The app has a number of central functionalities such as booking cinema tickets, managing user profile and bonus points, as well as a feature that allows users to easily invite their friends to the cinema.

By initially defining clear user flows for each use case, we formed the basis for wireframing all the functionality and screens needed in the app. We went through several iterations of the more than 40 final screens in the app, and this long process required a close collaboration with the client’s team.

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The final version of the app had more than 40 screens – and we went through several iterations of user flows and wireframes

Bringing the Screen to Life

With the blueprint of the app in place, we began a process of refining, designing and iterating on all the screens. We designed high-fidelity mockups for every screen and state of the app, and worked closely with the client to make sure every detail was, as it should be. The result is a UI that combines colorful movie posters and photos with a play of blur and lighting effects to create an engaging visual effect, while still keeping the interface as simple and intuitive as possible.

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Prototyping Flows & Micro Interactions

As we began working on the first visual designs of the app, we also wanted to and ensure that every important flows and micro interactions made sense to the users. To optimize the interaction design, I put together a prototype of the app using Invision, and furthermore built out key interactions and animations in After Effects. This allowed us to repeatedly test our designs in a cost-effective manner, fixing issues quickly before moving on.

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Result & Recognition

The app introduced a completely new touchpoint for Nordisk Film Cinema’s customer to interact with the company. Going to the movies is an inherently visual experience. The app seeks to reflects exactly that; providing a visually appealing and engaging user experience that on the small screen captured the feeling, excitement and visual sensation of big screen movies.

Upon it’s launch in October 2014, the app reached 1st place in the “Free” category on the Danish App Store. The app was furthermore nominated for a Danish Internet Award 2015 in the category Mobile Platform.