Discovery Networks Sweden

A new website for Discovery Networks Sweden

The Swedish division of global media conglomerate Discovery Networks needed a new website. I helped reimagine and design their new online experience.

  • RoleStrategy · UX · UI
  • Year2014
  • EmployerPropeople
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The Project

Discovery Networks Sweden is one of Sweden’s leading media companies, when it comes to entertainment in TV and radio. The company needed a website to match its brand expectations and showcase it’s many exceptional media productions – all while making it easy and engaging for potential advertisers to get in touch.

My Role

I worked as the primary UX/UI designer on the project, responsible for everything from information architecture and wireframes to style exploration, mockups and a full in-browser prototype written in HTML/SCSS/JS.

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Discovery & Information Archicture

We initially kicked off the project with on-site workshops across several days at Discovery Network Sweden headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The workshops allowed us to bring the project team and internal stakeholders together to initially define clear project goals and target audiences. The workshops also gave us a chance to start mapping out the content and information architecture for the website, and to brainstorm on initial sketches for the main pages.

As the main corporate website for Discovery Networks in Sweden, the main target audience isn't customer and viewers of their TV and radio channels – these audiences will typically go directly to the individual websites for the channels and stations. The main target audiences for the website are potential advertisers and partners, looking to explore the options for working with Discovery Networks.

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We mapped out the revamped information architecture for the new website in a conceptual 'hub and spoke' sitemap.


Based on the insights we learned from our discovery workshops, we began fleshing out the site in a series of wireframes. We tried out multiple different structures to match the prioritization of content and target audiences that we had already established during the workshops.

It was a goal that the website should feature clear calls to action for both TV and Radio and allow potential advertisers to easily access data about the various channels and stations, as well as the options for advertising on the network.

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Bringing the Site to Life

I designed most of the actual website as a prototype directly in-browser using HTML, SCSS and Javascript. Designing in-browser allowed me and the rest of the team to continuously test our responsive design across platforms and devices, and made it possible to refine details in animations and interactions on the site. Furthermore, the prototype allowed Discovery Networks Sweden to follow along closely as the design evolved, and we went through iterations.

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We mapped out the revamped information architecture for the new website in a conceptual 'hub and spoke' sitemap.

The Result

The website represented a leap forward for Discovery Networks Sweden in terms of bringing their online presence up to par with their media productions. The website brings the Networks amazing content to the front and center using large imagery and animation – and makes it easy for potential advertiser and distributors to find information on stations and channels, and get in touch with a sales representative.