Photo of Morten Christoffersen

Hi, I'm Morten

I'm a mission-driven & customer-focused product leader, who helps startups and scale-ups create customer value and drive business growth through focused product strategy, continuous product discovery, and delightful design.

I have 10 years of experience launching and scaling digital products in B2B SaaS, B2C and media/entertainment, and currently work as VP Product (B2B) at Kahoot!

I specialize in 0→1 new product innovation, strategic product thinking, and building impactful product teams & processes. As a leader, I believe in the power of combining 1) an audacious product vision and strategy, with 2) highly empowered, autonomous teams that have 3) a clear domain, mission and metrics to measure their impact.

Previously I was Head of Product at Actimo (acq. by Kahoot!); I've led Product Discovery & UX at DR, Denmark's largest public service media company; I've worked on pre-PMF products as part of the startup studio Founders; and I've lived in San Francisco, where I was Creative Director for FFW Agency and consulted for companies such as Pfizer, GE, Stanford University, Pitchbook & Maersk.

I was born in Denmark, and raised on a tradition of Nordic minimalism and functional aesthetics that I try my best to honor in my product work. I'm proudly multi-displinary, and consider myself a decent coder – I've worked on innumerable small side projects, ever since the internet caught my attention as a young teenager.


If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email at

You can also learn more about me on LinkedIn.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.